TImeline Tips and Tricks

Flixier comes with a powerful non-linear timeline that enables you to easily edit video content.

Timeline clip ordering

Videos are created on the timeline, moving from left to right. This is where you arrange and edit your footage, audio clips, titles and more.

The timeline is organized into tracks, where media on the top tracks cover thes ones below.

Clips on the same track can overlap each-other. In this situation, to bring one of them in-front right click it and select Bring to Front

Timeline Settings

The Flixier timeline settings can be found under the Tracks menu on the lower left of the screen or through keyboard and mouse shortcuts in some cases.

  1. Snap - this system helps you align clips in the timeline relative to other clips or to the play head. Click on the blue Snap button to enable disable it.
  2. Timeline Zoom - hover the mouse over the timeline, hold down CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel. OR open the tracks Menu and slide the zoom slider OR use pinch to zoom on a track-pad.
  3. Timeline Size - open the Tracks menu and choose between three different sizes for your clips: Large/Medium/Small. A fourth option to show the audio waveform will come soon.
  4. Add Track - adds a new empty track.
  5. Delete Empty Tracks - finds and deletes all empty tracks from the timeline, helpful to clean messy timelines.


Groups allow you to structure more complex projects and to move media around in an easier fashion.

Timeline Clip Selection

There are multiple options for selecting a clip in the timeline:

  1. Click on a clip to select it.
  2. Hold down CTRL and click on several clips to multi-select.
  3. Click on a track to select all clips from a track.
  4. Click on a Group to select all clips from that group.

How to move videos in the timeline

You can move videos up and down or left and right on the timeline by dragging and dropping them.

When you drop a video between two other ones on the same track there needs to be enough space for that video to fit.

How to move and add tracks in the timeline

You can move an entire track up/down or into different groups.


The play-head is the yellow line that moves across the timeline when previewing the video. Each frame from the canvas is correlated with the play-head position in the timeline.

The play-head is also used when editing to point where specific actions will happen. (I.E. where a Cut will be made)

Clicking on a clip in the timeline will select it and move the play-head to that position, to avoid moving it hold down CTRL when clicking the clip.

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