Flixier TikTok Contest

🚨 Contest Paused 🚨 We've observed several attempts by bots and malicious creators to exploit our contest mechanism. In light of these developments, we have made the difficult decision to pause the Flixier TikTok Contest, effective immediately. We'll keep you updated on the progress of these changes and give you a clear timeline for the contest's resumption. Contact ambassadors(at)flixier.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Want to win up to $3000 doing what you love most - creating and posting videos on TikTok? Then, check out the Flixier TikTok Contest. It’s simple, fun, and perfect for all skill levels, whether you’re a newbie or a pro at video creation!

At Flixier, we believe in celebrating and rewarding the incredible talent within our community. That's why we're thrilled to announce this exciting opportunity for all Flixier users to showcase their video editing prowess and win amazing prizes.

Who is it for?

We aim to celebrate talented individuals who can demonstrate the incredible potential of videos using Flixier. We're on the hunt for content creators with a  passion for video making. We want to hear from you if you're creating content in the following categories:

  1. Creative Storytelling 📖
  2. Visual Effects ✨
  3. Editing Techniques 💻
  4. Promos and Trailers 🎥
  5. Tutorials and How-Tos 📚

Or if you have an audience of: 

  • Digital marketers
  • Digital nomads
  • Side hustlers
  • Podcast creators
  • Small businesses 

Whether you're bursting with innovative ideas to introduce our latest features or if you're eager to share your expertise in editing and video making, we're here to award your journey.

What's in it for you?

We believe that exceptional talent deserves exceptional rewards. Here's what's up for grabs:

       🥇 1st Place: $3,000

       🥈 2nd Place: $1,000

       🥉 3rd Place: $500

       4th Place: $200

       5th Place: $100

       6th to 10th Place: $50 each


  1. Be approved: You need to apply and get approved before entering the contest. 
  2. Approve your content: All videos must be approved by the Flixier team before posting. Send your content over using this form, we want to make sure it aligns with our standards and guidelines.
  3. Tag us in captions: Don't forget to include the hashtags #madewithFlixier and tag us @flixier in your video captions.


17 November: Register your account for the contest.

18 - 30 November: Publish your videos and gather views.

4 December: Announcing the top 10 creators!

How it works:

  1. The position is calculated based on the total video views generated between 18 - 30 November
  2. Video views are counted for the approved accounts only
  3. Video views are counted for approved videos in English
  4. Video views are counted for approved videos that include #madewithFlixier and @flixier
  5. Video views are counted for organic views only; all sponsored videos will be disqualified

Questions? Please contact ambassadors@flixier.com.

General requirements

  1. Supported video types: We support a variety of content, including but not limited to tutorials, feature highlights, and "Before & After."
  2. Video Length: Our recommended video length is 20-30s. Tutorials can go longer than 30s but must be less than 60s. 
  3. Branding Placement: All videos must include the hashtag #madewithflixier and @Flixier
  4. Video Approval Process: Submit your videos for approval in the dedicated form before posting them on your TikTok. 
  5. Other Requirements: All videos must be posted publicly for at least 30 days. Non-organic video views will be deducted from the final payment calculation. 

Check our full terms & conditions for more details.

Content tips

  • Clear Messaging: Use simple and concise description language with accurate subtitles or high-quality voiceovers.
  • Trendy Sounds: Explore trending sounds through the "Discover" page of TikTok.
  • Content Consistency: Use one eye-catching picture or similar style as your video cover, so your audience recognizes your brand and is more likely to follow your new uploads.

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