Export and Publish a video

Export and Download

When you finished editing a video you can click the blue Export button at the top right of the editing screen and a small window shows up to guide you through the export process which is super simple. Just choose a file type for your export between Video, Audio and GIF and press the Export and Download button. 

Your video will start exporting and it will automatically download to your computer when ready. You can also close the browser and the export will continue processing on our servers but we advise you to add your Name and email address in the window that shows up after pressing Export, so you can come back to the Export later and find it in the dashboard.  

Publish to Cloud Storage Services and Social Media

After a video export is completed a message will appear to let you know about it. At this point you get the option to also Publish it directly to other cloud destinations, saving you a lot of time by skipping unnecessary downloads or uploads. 

Just click Publish Video and check mark the destinations where you want to publish, login to each of them (you only need to login once) and add other information needed for each destination like video title, description, or keywords. 

Press the Publish button and the video will simultaneously be sent to all the destinations you selected at once.

TIP 1: You can publish to multiple destinations at the same time. Just make sure the toggle is switched on for each service you want to publish to.  

TIP 2: Next time when you publish a project make sure that the toggle near the service you want to publish on is enabled. Most of the time it disables automatically to avoid accidental posts on social media.

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